Tokenizz Process


Determine the specific property or properties to tokenize and consider jurisdiction, types of shareholders, and the relevant regulations


Determine the legal structure. Various options are available and the owner can choose to tokenizz the equity of a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a debenture, or another form of participation right such as revenue or profit


Choosing Blockchain protocol, Token configuration, KYC/AML questionnaire, SetupToken custody solution with a custody provider and choose the right block chain network for token creation


Creating a distribution plan and payment methods for potential investors to purchase the token. On your dashboard you can see the amount of funds that you have raised in real-time


Realestate STO

Security token offering, known as STO can allow the stakeholders to retain control and partial ownership while providing the ability to convert some or all of their  equity into a liquid tradable token offering.

By converting this illiquid equity into a tradeable vehicle, we are increasing value of the asset through the creation of the liquidity premium, while stakeholders are protected by tangible property and able to access the cash to put to work in more investments and improvement.