Investors receive security and traceability of capital assets through SEC/FCA registered security tokens.


Access to a global market of investor, immediately creates value, and increases diversification.


The ability to fractionalize and democratize commercial assets opens up immediate trading and liquidity.


A sound legal blockchain-based structure is able to eliminate many documents that require signature, notarization, submission and approval. Public-key cryptography is able to automate the signature process.


Tokenizz offers an intuitive platform for developing compliant and comprehensive tokenization solutions for both new and classic asset types. Almost any asset class may be tokenized by embedding the rights and duties of the asset directly into the token, and workflow modeling is available to fully automate the asset's lifespan across the financial ecosystem.

  • Integrate effortlessly with any market infrastructure or blockchain
  • Immediately enforce stringent privacy and compliance procedures
  • Digitize any financial instrument using an agnostic platform for smart contracts
  • Gain access to comprehensive modeling skills throughout the whole lifecycle of complicated financial products
  • Achieve cross-network synchronization without compromising control and privacy


When you tokenizz your property, stakeholders benefit from enhanced liquidity and fast, secure, low-cost transactions, so they can rest easy knowing their investments are accessible and tradable with the push of a button.

Go public while staying private

Tokenizz Offering menu

Tokenisation technical services
Tokenisation technical services

Through smart contracts that will travel and interact with stakeholders in a frictionless manner.

PPM creation services through a grouping of legal and fin-law construct’s to aid clients with compliment regulatory offerings being digitally represented.

Exposure to investors
Exposure to investors through these channels:

Accredited investor email campaigning with your offering to our accredited and Qualified investor lists. We maintain and manage a 2.6+ million investor data lake providing your offer to the target investor audience.

Investor fundraising event attendance. Example:

Our partner Dunhill Ventures Holding events weekly “Family Office Round Table pitching” To over 100 family office UHNW representatives This will be simulcast by into our deal metaverse and broker dealer sales teams in US and Europe will work to close out the round.

Sales Team
Sales Team

Sales team promoting your offering to accredited investors and providing you interested parties

Our broker-dealer partners promoting and raising capital for your project for a fee plus commission

Promotion of your project on our primary marketplace reaching a global investor audience with investor traffic generated from multiple offerings and through use of large scale marketing advertising and media campaigns including related new television shows.


Identify the specific property or properties to tokenize and consider jurisdiction, types of shareholders, and the relevant regulations.



Determine the legal structure. Various options are available and the owner can choose to tokenizz the equity of a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a debenture, or another form of participation right such as revenue or profit.


Choose the Blockchain protocol, Token configuration, and complete the KYC/AML questionnaire, Setup the Token custody solution with a custody provider and choose the right block chain network for token creation.



Create a distribution plan and payment method for potential investors to purchase the token. The dashboard displays the amount of funds that you have raised in real-time.

Internal Marketing Capabilities

Our experienced marketing team has the marketing ability and access to a group of known accredited investors and international investors numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Our combined ability to access and market to known investors worldwide is a strategic advantage.

Make your assets smart, fast & more secure

Capitalize or re-capitalize your assets using Security Tokens. Security Tokens are not cryptocurrency. They are SEC regulated securities backed by real assets being actively worked to produce income. However, they are "Smart Securities" that are built on blockchain, making them "Programmable". If you are interested in the advantage of converting your capital or funding your project using programmable smart securities please let us know.

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